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Episode 15: Dallas

We have a new episode titled Dallas where Jesse and company find themselves in an “awkward” situation this week. Tulip blames Cassidy for telling Jesse where she was when she said she would handle it... Read More
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Episode 14: Viktor

We are back talking Preacher Episode 14 Viktor. This week we have a lot going on, a lot of jumping back and forth. We’ve got Cassidy and Jesse on the search for a certain actor.... Read More
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Episode 13: Damsels

We have an all new episode of Preacher entitled Damsels. This week we have a lot to discuss and break down. We have Arseface making his way through hell, Jesse searching for God, and Tulip... Read More
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Episode 12: Mumbai Sky Tower

Jesse and company head towards the Mumbai Sky Tower in an episode where we had guns firing, people running, and an angel that just finds dying makes life worth living. So we have a lot... Read More
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Episode 11: On the Road

We are back! That’s right Preacher has returned with an all new season and that means more Talking Preacher. A lot happened, the Saint of Killers is hot on the trail of Jesse and company.... Read More
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Episode 10: Call and Response

Well folks we are finally at the season finale of season 1 and the episode is titled Call and Response. This of course referring to Jesses phone call to heaven to speak to the lord.... Read More

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