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Episode 10: Call and Response

Well folks we are finally at the season finale of season 1 and the episode is titled Call and Response. This of course referring to Jesses phone call to heaven to speak to the lord.... Read More
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Episode 9: Finish the Song

This epidsode titled Finish The song saw Preacher is on the run from the cops and has an angel phone, Cassidy is still a little hungry, and Tulip goes to New Mexico. Of course the... Read More
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Episode 8: El Valero

FOOD COURT, FOOD COURT!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen we are sending out the chant that our brave soldiers fighting in the Quinncannon brigade chanted as they marched into battle in Preacher Episode 8 El Valero.... Read More
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Episode 7: He Gone

HE GONE! That of course is the title of the newest episode of Preacher. This episode found Jesse wrestling with what happened at the end of last weeks episode. We find out how Jesse is... Read More
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Episode 6: Sundowner

We are back after the holiday weekend, if you live in America, with a new episode titled Sundowner. We got some pretty awesome reveals this week, along with an incredible show of the power known... Read More
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Episode 5: The South will Rise

We have another episode ready for you guy, this episode was titled The South will Rise, being that this is taking place in Texas we get a glimpse of that southern pride. We have Jesse... Read More

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