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Episode 22: The End of the Road

Well this is it, The End of the Road for Preacher season 2, and hopefully not that literally either. In the season finale there was a lot that happened so we had a lot to... Read More
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Episode 22: On Your Knees

The newest episode of Preacher titled On Your Knees sees Jesse and company dealing with an old foe. We bring back some of the best stuff about Preacher which is some wacky fight scenes. The... Read More
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Episode 21: Backdoors

This episode of Preacher entitled Backdoors finds Jesse and company kind of at odds with each other. We even get a little bit more of a look into Jesses past when his father was killed,... Read More
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Episode 20: Dirty Little Secrets

Take some time off and you miss so much! This episode of Talking Preacher titled Dirty Little Secrets shows us the organization known as The Grail and what they are up too. Tulip has a... Read More
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Episode 19: Puzzle Piece

What is your Puzzle Piece? That’s the title of this weeks episode and it looks like Starr is looking for his puzzle piece or he inadvertently finds it. This week gave us a little bit... Read More
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Episode 18: Holes

This was a fun little episode to talk about, that is episode 19 Holes that seems to refer to the holes Tulip is trying to cover up. These holes were made when the Saint of... Read More

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