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Episode 32: The Light Above

This is it! The season 3 finale of Preacher titled The Light Above. In this episode we follow our 3 main characters as they each face their own situations. Jesse is going to end his... Read More
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Episode 31: Schwanzkopf

In episode 9 titled Schwanzkopf, All Father is prepared to put Genesis into the original Humperdoo, Cassidy tries to stop Eccarius. In the meantime Tulip tries to get the souls back from Featherstone who has... Read More
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Episode 30: Hilter & The Tom/Brady

There is a lot of ground to cover, after a brief hiatus we are back discussing this newest episodes of Preacher, Hilter and The Tom/Brady. Great episodes to talk about back to back, we have... Read More
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Episode 29: Les Enfants du Sang

In the newest episode titled Les Enfants du Sang (The Children of Blood) Tulip and Jesse have to find a way to save grandma or risk Tulips soul getting sucked out. Cassidy finds himself among... Read More
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Episode 28: The Coffin

In the episode titled The Coffin, Jesse and Tulip find themselves in an interesting predicament. They let Cassidy go and that does not make the people they are staying with very happy, so Jesse ends... Read More
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Episode 27: The Tombs

In the newest episode titled The Tombs, we find out characters in a bit of a tight spot. Cassidy is in a fighting pit known as the tombs where people are pitted against each other... Read More

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